Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Witch's Hut - Halloween Shadow Box with 3D pen

Hello crafty friends, I am back with another Halloween tutorial. 

The main feature of this shadow box is a handmade free shape frame that I have created using a 3D pen

I have only used it for doodling and for entertaining my children before, but now it's the time to experiment and create some decor for the oncoming party. 
Below are some pictures of the project as well as the VIDEO TUTORIAL.

I have also created a HALLOWEEN PLAYLIST on my YouTube channel where you can find all the projects I've made before.



  1. Olga, I just discovered your YT channel yesterday and I subscribed immediately after just one vid. Your creativity is seriously fab.

  2. WOW, WOW, WOW!! This is such an awesome, jaw-dropping creation, Olga! Just so amazing! Thank you for the Halloween Playlist, too.

  3. This is just fantastic. I wish I had your vision to create these things. You are truly an artist. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  4. Olga- your creative mind is endless. Another masterpiece!

  5. Amazing creation Olga! so much detail to look at on this project.
    Hugs Pam x

  6. Wow got a link to this on my phone and was captivated but needed to see more so went straight to the computer absolutely Wow! I bet your home will look stunning for your party if this is anything to go by all the detail and the fireplace and the smoke effect on the brick work , have shown your projects to my hubby and all he could say way they must take hours to make with so much detail and to look so great, fans across the world thank you.

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