Saturday, October 8, 2016

Pocket Letter #7 - Magic Spells

Halloween is just round the corner and it's Pocket Letter time! You can easily guess my inspiration on this one!

This time I have also incorporated a shaker element.

Please scroll down to view more photos and a VIDEO TUTORIAL:



  1. Harry potter books of course and what a lot of fun,I always think your pocket creations look fab but do you send them as gifts or do they get used for decoration or is it just as a showcase or are they to use as ATCs,just asking as I think I would like to try and make one but not sure what I would do with it after. Yours as this one are always so beautiful and detailed,thank you for sharing your fun hard work.

    1. Thank you Julye! I make Pocket Letters for swap. Exchanging letters is true fun! There is a website (and FB group)- Pocket Letter Pals - where you can always find swapping partners and ask for help and advice.

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  3. What a fun, exquisite pocket card, Olga! I love the detail to the HP references, and your pretty colors! hugs, de

  4. Always amazed at the details you incorporate into your art. Very inspiring. Jan D., FL

  5. I am just in awe of how you create. It is so inspiring to watch how you use your dies to make things and all the details you add. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and making these videos. I log in everyday to see what you have come up with next. This pocket card today is just stunning.