Friday, June 15, 2018

Pop Up Card with Frame Dies

Hello there, thank you for joining me!

Today I have finally gathered some courage and made a pop-up card and I was surprised at how easy it was! To make this card different I have decided to use some intricate lacy frame dies from Special Moments collection by Spellbinders.

These products are very new and they might not hit all the stores yet, but don't worry - they will be available in just a few days!

Watch the video below for beginning to end guide! I will also demonstrate a liquid glue application technique that is a huge time saver!



  1. Absolutely beautiful! I think I can do this one.cant wait to try this. You are a true artist with a great talent for cars making. Look forward to watch anything you design!💌

  2. So very clever. I'm saving this link so I can make a pop-up card, too. Thanks for the gluing tip. Great idea.