Thursday, December 28, 2017

MY BULLET JOURNAL / WEEKLY PLANNER 2018 - Front Page + Week 1 Spread

Hello and Happy New Year 2018!!!

Today I would like to show you my new Bullet Journal. If you are not familiar with this system you can watch this video from the BuJo creator:

The difference between classical BuJo and mine is that I am also going to create some weekly spreads - just like in a regular weekly planner. I need those to plan my blog posts and events. 

The normal bullet journaling will start after the weekly spreads in my notebook.

Today I am demonstrating a front page and the first weekly spread this year (that is the next year)! 

Please scroll down for the photos and a VIDEO tutorial:



  1. Yes - show us your Journal as you go - it's wonderful!

  2. Hi Olga, a fabulous and very interesting tutorial. I would love to see more as you go along.
    Nancyd xx