Saturday, March 4, 2017

Peacock Feather Shaker Card

This birthday shaker card with a large see-through frame has a real peacock feather incorporated in it! 

Watch the VIDEO to see how it's done! 



  1. Оля, я ваша навеки! С моей любовью к павлиньим перьям и вашему их миксу с золотом аплодирую стоя!

  2. Hi, Olga,
    What a stunning card! You made it look so straightforward to make as well, thanks so much for sharing with us,
    Bejay xx

  3. Hi Olga, as Bejay said a stunning card off to watch the video.
    Nancyd cx

  4. This is gorgeous card. I have a couple of peacock feathers that my sister-in-law sent me from her birds. I would like to make a similar card for her for her birthday. She loves those birds. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Well, this shaker card was a challenge for me. But I got it made and it is still drying. Hope it does not fall apart after drying. Thank you for the clear video. You were with me all afternoon showing me the process of making this card. I am sure my sister-in-law will love this card. Thanks again for the inspiration.