Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Juicy Pears - Watercolor Card

It's time for a little bit of experimenting! What about combining rustic with modern and playing with some new stuff? The result was this framed still life card.

The VIDEO shows all the process of creating it:



  1. Очень, очень красиво!

  2. Wow, Olga, this is amazing! When I first saw the picture I thought you had created a knicknack shelf. I soon realized it was a card but then thought you had applied a liquid glaze to the pears but you had not. Oh how I love watching your videos because you always explain how and why you are doing everything. Those pears are gorgeous!!!

  3. Hi Olga! Thank you for the tutorial! I've never used these watercolors before - I immediately ordered! :). I have a question on the technique. So... the first few layers of the watercolor dry and look blotchy but then you add a coat of water once all colors are applied to blend?

    1. It really depends on a paper a lot. If it is to absorbent it won't let the color go. But sometimes you can re-lift some of the color. Also - if you don't want to disturb the previous layers just don't rub them with the brush too hard - use a softer brush and just drop in the colors. Hope this helps!

  4. You always amaze me how you stretch your dies and other materials Olga! I love watching your videos, always learn something. Thanks for sharing and always inspiring.

  5. Those pears just pop and the frame you created just accentuates them what a fab card/gift that someone will treasure and perfect for a guy too.

  6. Olga this is amazing like Cindy I thought it was a wall box and the pears were lacquered with glossy accents but it just your great talent with the shading it is beautiful.
    Nancyd xx

  7. Those pears are so realistic !!!!awesome
    Ann x